3 Benefits of Finding Good Guest Bloggers

benefits of guest blogger


Using guest bloggers isn’t right for every business. Even if guest blogging is a good fit for your business, not every guest blogger is a good match. However, for those who have determined that finding guest bloggers would be beneficial, it can be a very smart marketing decision. It’s important to find people who will benefit your website marketing and online business goals.

If the guest blogger doesn’t bring any of the following benefits to your blog, and isn’t willing to adhere to your guest blogging requirements, it may be in your best interest to pass on the opportunity. Do not feel obligated to allow anyone to post content on your website. Screen your guest bloggers carefully. Ask yourself these three questions:

Will the Guest Blogger Bring Fresh New Content?

One of the benefits of having guest bloggers is the consistent creation of new content and the break it can give you and your staff from writing new content each week. A guest blogger helps maintain the integrity of your site by offering something new and exciting; but always adding value to your site.

Is the Guest Blogger a Subject Matter Expert?

Another benefit is the ability of the guest blogger to write about topics that are relevant and complimentary to the topics on your blog. A guest blogger can bring new stories, a fresh perspective, or information that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to offer your readers.

Can the Guest Blogger Expand Your Readership?

Guest bloggers are often savvy social media people who have their own websites, blogs, Facebook fans, or Twitter followers. The benefit of being a guest writer to the blogger is expanding their network, so the goal should be mutual. Find guest bloggers who can help share information with their network and expand your readership in the process. If you can find a mutually beneficial relationship that can deepen over time, it can add long-term value. You may want to consider how you can be a guest blogger for him/her in the future and if that would be a good fit as well.

Do you have guest bloggers? Share a tip that you think would be very helpful to someone considering a guest blogger for their site. If not, is there something that is holding you back?