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Remember the SNL skit of the Computer Guy who knows his stuff so well that he doesn’t allow any latitude for the poor lay person? Those of us in marketing are

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If your business or non-profit is hosting an event and you want the word to spread, Facebook Events is a great place to start. However, simply creating an event in

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One of the most paralyzing aspects of using social media is anticipating negative comments. While negative comments are a reality of putting yourself out there

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By now I am sure you have heard about the upcoming changes coming to the Facebook algorithm, putting a little more stress on Facebook marketers and business owners.

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Each year it's interesting to look through our Google Analytics to find out what is read the most, what is shared the most, and what blog posts continue to drive a

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A recently gave a Twitter presentation at the Social Media Breakfast Central Minnesota, in which we did Twitter Basics for the first half hour, and then went into

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For a while we were all trained by Facebook that contest and giveaways had to be done via a third party app on Facebook. Now that those contest rules are more

What's New and Upcoming with Facebook and Twitter?

Last week at Vivid Image, I held a class on Social Media Changes and Trends. We talked mostly about some recent changes in Facebook and also some social media trends

4 Simple Methods of Writing Blog Headlines that Work for Me

Writing a compelling and click-worthy headline for a blog post is a fine art.  As a blogger, I feel torn between making the headline compelling and clickable, while