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We commend you for asking this question, as it’s critical to pay close attention to copyrights and follow proper Internet marketing protocol. Here are the most common

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Media Library New Layout Option: There is now a new layout option in WordPress 4.0 – the Infinite Scroll. If you click on the grid icon (highlighted in yellow below)

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The Elusive Website Address

Is finding your website address where it needs to be, similar to pinning down Bigfoot? Elusive website addresses aren't good. You spend too much time on building,

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Online Classes Offered to Clients

When we rolled out our "Safe and Sound" plan that helps our clients get the most from their website, online assets, technology, and their caring VI team, we had a

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It is easy to remember to do some spring cleaning to our home, office, and even our cars. But what about doing some spring cleaning to your digital life too?  Just

7 Ways to Dissolve Writer's Block

If you are a writer or blogger, you have probably  experienced it. Sitting in front of your computer with the blank stare and motionless hands. Yes, most of us have