Give your Blog Posts More Reach with LinkedIn Publisher

We all know the benefits of blogging, right?  If you are still in the dark as to why you would want to blog on your website, review this blog post. With Linkedin's

Using Instagram for Business

Instagram has grown in popularity since its inception, and it has some very unique social media aspects. The most interesting thing about Instagram is that it has

Obliterating Obstacles to Content Curation Process

There are a few common problems people encounter when curating content for a website, blog, or newsletter. If you already know some type of struggle exists, it's

Google Sends New Sign In Warnings

Google appears to have increased the sending of warning emails to Google account owners when a Google is accessed from a new device or application. Google cares

What we Learned at Boost your Business with Facebook

Last week, Beth and I went to to the “Boost your Business with Facebook” half-day conference at the beautiful Aria in Minneapolis. It was a great morning of learning

10 Facebook Updates that can Affect your Marketing

Keeping up with Facebook changes can be a big task. It seems they are always making updates to their algorithm and layout, and adding new features behind the scenes.

Email Marketing: Managing Unsubscribes

The dreaded unsubscribe... As email marketers and human beings with feelings we try very hard to be resilient and not let the fact that people will unsubscribe

Embracing the Arts: RiverSong Music Festival

Vivid Image embraces the arts, volunteerism, and community growth. Each summer we're given an opportunity to sponsor and assist with one of our community's largest

Lessons From MnSearch Summit 2015: Technology and Search

One of the major themes that continued throughout the day at the 2015 MnSearch Summit is that technology is quickly changing everything, and it is changing SEO at an

What I Got Out of the 2015 MnSearch Summit

Recently MnSearch held the second annual MnSearch Summit at the RiverCentre in St. Paul, Minnesota. It was a great event filled with great sessions and really

Lessons From MnSearch Summit 2015: SEO Is Always About User Experience

SEO Is Always About User Experience The MnSearch Summit was filled with talk about technology getting better seemed to have one theme in mind. Bing, Google, and

Lessons From MnSearch Summit 2015: We Can Do Better

We Can Do Better Ultimately The 2015 MnSearch Summit came down to the fact that we can all do better. Wil Reynolds drove this home with one big and powerful "gut