7 Marketing Lessons from Madonna: Brand Ambition

Growing up in the 80’s, Madonna was the center of my pop music world. Her songs truly inspired me to follow my dreams and lifted me up when I was feeling down. I

Should I use Pinterest to Market my Business?

Pinterest is the fastest growing social media site in history, so there is no doubt that many of our clients are wondering if they should be spending time pinning for

WordCamp Minneapolis 2015

The Vivid Image crew is looking forward to attending WordCamp again this year and bringing back lots of ideas, information and inspiration for our team, clients, and

Google Knows Mobile Is Important. Do You?

Google is getting serious about making sure that your site is ready for the mobile user. They have begun sending automated emails from Google Webmaster Tools to let

Effectively Marketing Your Hashtags

Remember the SNL skit of the Computer Guy who knows his stuff so well that he doesn’t allow any latitude for the poor lay person? Those of us in marketing are

Top 10 Things You Need to Know to Get More Traffic to Your Facebook Event

If your business or non-profit is hosting an event and you want the word to spread, Facebook Events is a great place to start. However, simply creating an event in

8 Smart Phone Photography Tips for Amazing Photos

If there is one thing that is critical to success with social media, it is using images to engage your audience. Since not everyone has access to stock photography, a

What is DPI vs Pixels?

DPI (Dots Per Inch) vs. PPI (Pixels Per Inch) When discussing images for your website, we usually tell you a measurement called a pixel. We use pixels instead of

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is creating information that your potential customers will find value in, with the intention of promoting a product or service.  Content marketers

Gain More Followers to your Company’s Linkedin

Determining the best social media strategy isn't always easy.  Often companies have several goals they want to meet, different social networks they want to be on, and

What is a Landing Page?

Have you ever run an advertising campaign that struggled to get results? If you're experiencing this, I recommend looking at two statistics: traffic from the ad, and

Vivid Image 2015 Marketing Predictions

It's so much fun to get together in a room full of passionate creative marketing professionals. I spend so much time reading and studying search marketing that it is