What is Mobile Responsive Design?

Over a year ago we wrote about mobile website design in the article “A Website is Not Enough – Think Mobile.”  Since then, mobile device sales haven’t slowed down (Apple’s iPhone 5 sales hit 5 million in the first 3 days) and the options for mobile compatible website design are rapidly changing too.  One of the design options to ensure a site’s content can be viewed on a mobile device is referred to as ‘responsive’ design.

In otherwords, when a user is viewing your site on a mobile device, the content (photos and text) will respond to the screen size by squeezing it down or stacking it in order for the user to view as much content as possible on a smaller screen.  To get a visual,  take a look at the screen shots of the site  Notice in the second example how the top navigation and photo caption text squeezes and stacks into the space?  The bottom navigation also repositions from horizontal to a verticle display.   Test the Volunteer Hutchinson site out on your own laptop screen then on your mobile device to see first hand!

Mobile View

Full Screen View








If you’re intrigued by responsive design, just keep in mind it can take additional time to plan and customize the layout of your site in order for it to fit within a responsive framework.  Your Project Manager will help you evaluate  mobile design options and determine which solution is the best fit for your business.

Do you have a mobile marketing strategy in place for your business yet?  If you’re not sure where to start, please give us a call (320) 587-8974 or send us an email and we’ll help you determine the best solution and first steps!






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