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Finding Your Best Organic Content With Google Analytics

We've talked a lot recently about the importance of writing a "best posts of the year post." Last week we talked about using Google Analytics to find your most viewed

How To Find Your Most Popular Content Using Google Analytics

Recently a published post featuring the top 4 blog posts of the year published by Vivid Image. There are many reasons that you would want to do this (check out these

Should I care about the Pokémon Go hype?

What is Pokémon Go? As you may have read in Justin’s post earlier this week, Pokémon Go is a reality game app that you can download on Android and iOS devices. Just

Pokemon Go: Catching Your Customers

You probably noticed your local parks and trails seem busier than ever. It is not your imagination; it’s the Pokemon Go fever and it struck everyone from little kids

Tracking Constant Contact Emails in Google Analytics

If you use Constant Contact and Google Analytics, I have a simple tip that will help you to see the results of your email initiatives. This step will automatically

How Do I Write Content For a Website?

The time has come. You need to write a blog post or a new page on the website. You know you should do this more often, but you are not a writer, you are a small

Understanding Your Generation Z Market

Teenagers today are likely either at the tail end of "Millennials" if they are an older teen or what's being referred to as Generation Z for the rest of the teen

E-newsletter Content Ideas for July

Are you struggling with content ideas for your July e-newsletter and social media posts? Glancing at your calendar, July may seem like one of the most productive

Vivid Image: A Different Place to Work

Vivid Image is hiring two new full-time positions. In an effort to get the word out to applicants, we thought we'd approach the hiring process from a different angle.

Know How to Identify a Legitimate Domain Name Bill

Whether it’s a scam or a questionable tactic from a lesser known domain company competing for business, the trick of sending official looking letters and emails to

5 Foundational SEO Steps for the SMBCMN

Today I had the privilege and pleasure of presenting to the Social Media Breakfast in Hutchinson. We covered the 5 main things you can do to set up your SEO strategy

Simple Set Up of Business PayPal Account

Many of us have personal PayPal accounts that come in handy. However, if you are looking to accept payments or donations online through your website for a business or