5 Reasons Why You Are Afraid to Blog

My blog post days sneak up on me quickly.  I like to mull over a topic for a while, so I can add last minute thoughts and inspiration; that’s part of my blog plan. Procrastination is the enemy of good blog posts; just like perfection is the enemy of good enough. So I started thinking about procrastination and the reasons excuses people use to avoid blogging.  Time to debunk some of those excuses reasons.

1.  I don’t know how to begin-Blogger’s Block

So how do I get writing? Just start typing like you are speaking to someone next to you. Imaginary friends are ok to use when you start to write. Remember blogs are casual and your writing needs to reflect that type of voice (remember the Grandma Test works in writing blogs, too). Beth’s tips of blogging inspiration are also really helpful. Once you have a topic, then the blog can sometimes almost write itself. Last year I wrote 11 Tips to help you with this process.  Blogs should have clear beginning, middle and end. A simple structure might be: main argument, opening, 3 supporting points, conclusion and supporting points as needed.

2.  I don’t know what to blog about

I don’t always know what to say, either. And it is ok to not know until you start writing. Cut yourself some slack if you aren’t “Inspired”.  If you think about sitting at a table with a friend or having a phone conversation and just typing your side of the conversation or even writing a diary entry, it will help the words flow. And honestly, letting the words fly fast out of your fingers before the thought is completely formulated is ok. Think stream of consciousness and don’t edit and add images until the end; that will make you more efficient. Self-censoring can lead to the next excuse…

3.  I don’t have time to blog

Find a time of day that you are most creative. Maybe it is in the early morning, maybe it is a way to get inspired after lunch or a chance to unwind before you go home for the day. If you are a night owl, then take that time to tap into that creativity.  It’s hard trying to prepare a blog post on the morning it is scheduled to be published, so try and dodge that bullet and write at least a few days before it is due.  Write when your mind will allow you to concentrate. There is nothing worse than staring at a blinking cursor and trying to force creativity because of a deadline.

4.  Blogging isn’t THAT important

Face it, you can always find something else you can do. I think I heated up 3 cups of tea while writing this post. I have month end reports to start analyzing. And there is always a phone call or two that need to be returned. But you know what? That stuff can wait an hour or two. Remember: You can use your blog content to update Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and Google Plus after you have created the post.  That is multi-tasking at its finest.  You know what happens when you delay too much? It doesn’t get done.

5.  My blog posts aren’t that good

Pick one idea and stick with it. I learned this on last week’s video blog; it was originally a lot longer and some thoughtful feedback lead to editing it down to one simple topic. That’s the same thing to do when writing a post. If you really don’t think your posts are that good, have a peer review the post (that means maybe writing it up to a week before it is due). Get some feedback. Ask your readers for some help!  A little honest, critical feedback can encourage you to remain on a schedule and be a better writer.  Just do it.

What tips and tricks do you have to offer to someone with Blogger’s Block? If you are still stuck, sign up for the Blogging Refresher class on Thursday. Stop the self-doubt spiral & the last minute scramble: your posts will be better, your credibility will be boosted and it help your marketing gain traction in the social world.