Jackie Kaufenberg

Jackie Kaufenberg

Community Manager & Social Media Strategist

Social media continues to change how people are communicating and doing business. Marketing is no longer a one-way conversation. The beauty of social media marketing is how it lets people engage with brands, and then share their passion for the brand with others online. It is my role to help companies and brands succeed by not only creating a social media and content strategy, but also by putting the plan into action and getting results. By nurturing your online communities and creating stories and content your customers want to read, prospects turn into leads – leads turn into customers – and your customers can turn into your biggest advocates.

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“Start Small. Think Big. But do it now.”

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5 Ways to Not Waste Money on Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising offers many ways to get in front of the right people with the right message. But, finding that perfect mix is now always easy. Here are some tips

Simple Tips to Increase Employee Social Advocacy

Building a social media presence isn’t always easy, especially when  you are first starting out. Do you have a social media vision but need your employees’

Awesome Advice on LinkedIn and Social Selling

JoAnne Funch, an Independent LinkedIn Trainer, Consultant, and Speaker, was our most recent speaker for the Social Media Breakfast Central Minnesota. LinkedIn is one

Ten Ideas from the Social Media RockStar Event that you can Implement Now

Last week, marketers, business owners, and social media managers from around the state of Minnesota and beyond came to the Social Media Rockstar Event in Willmar. It

Harmony Enterprises – A Vivid Image Success Story

Harmony Enterprises, Inc. has been a family-run business for over fifty years. Based in Harmony, Minnesota, near Rochester (with a branch office in Toulouse, France)

What to Know about the Recent Facebook Page Changes

Facebook has been changing the layout of their Pages for business again - this time on the desktop version. It sounds likes the new Facebook Page design has rolled

Tracking Constant Contact Emails in Google Analytics

If you use Constant Contact and Google Analytics, I have a simple tip that will help you to see the results of your email initiatives. This step will automatically

My Day as a Tourist in Silicone Valley – Visiting Google and Apple

My husband and I recently returned from an awesome vacation in California. We had a friend from High School who got married in the Los Angeles area, and decided that

How I use Hootsuite as a Social Media Management Tool

Hootsuite is a tool used to manage your social media marketing. It is one of the many tools referred to as a “Social Media Management” Tool or System (others include

13 Smart Ways to Create Powerful Company Updates on LinkedIn

If your company’s Linkedin profile is collecting dust or feeling lonely from a lack of visitors and interaction, it is time to breathe some creative energy into it!

Why you Should Outsource your Social Media (instead of doing it in-house)

If you feel like you should be doing more on social media with your business, but are not sure how to go about it, you are not alone. Many small businesses are not

Facebook Trends & Changes to Watch

Keeping on top of what is new and changing with Facebook is like trying to find where a rainbow starts. As soon as it is in sight, you realize that you are farther

The Most Popular Vivid Image Blog Posts of 2015

Each year, we take a look back at the most popular blog posts from the Vivid Image blog of the year. Here is a look at the most viewed and most shared blog posts on

29 Ideas to Consider for your Marketing Plan

If next year’s marketing plan doesn’t feel like it has the ideas or action plan to reach your goals, it’s time to take another look! Here are some tips for marketing

Everything you want to Know about Facebook Advertising but are Afraid to Ask

Facebook Advertising is becoming an important part of most brands' Facebook Marketing Plans. If you have not yet tried Facebook Advertising, or are overwhelmed by

My Favorite Content Marketing Rules (from the book, Content Rules)

Earlier this fall I had the pleasure of going to a Content Rules Workshop put on by Marketing Profs. The workshop was based on the book by the same name, co-authored

What’s New in Facebook October 2015

Don't be surprised, Facebook is making more changes! Mari Smith announced at the “Boost your Business” seminar this summer, that there were updates coming to Facebook

Vivid Image Gives Back: Supporting Families through Relay for Life of McLeod County

Shannon Streich, Graphic Designer at Vivid Image, has been helping her son's Boy Scout Troop clean up after the Relay for Life of McLeod County for the past couple of

My Day at the Social Media RockStar Event

The Social Media Rockstar Event returned to Morton, Minnesota this year and I was eager to attend for the third consultive year.  With a few returning speakers, but

Give your Blog Posts More Reach with LinkedIn Publisher

We all know the benefits of blogging, right?  If you are still in the dark as to why you would want to blog on your website, review this blog post. With Linkedin's

What we Learned at Boost your Business with Facebook

Last week, Beth and I went to to the “Boost your Business with Facebook” half-day conference at the beautiful Aria in Minneapolis. It was a great morning of learning

10 Facebook Updates that can Affect your Marketing

Keeping up with Facebook changes can be a big task. It seems they are always making updates to their algorithm and layout, and adding new features behind the scenes.

Ten Reasons to Blog (and 3 that are key!)

Why Blog? Blogging is not just for college students, DIY Mom's, or tech-savvy people.  Blogging is for business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers like you! In a

Fire Up your Tradeshow Marketing with Social Media Fuel

Tradeshows are a fantastic way of marketing because you can meet your customers and prospects face-to-face to kindle a real relationship.  When coupled with social

Blogging Made Easy for Vivid Image Clients

Do you ever feel like your “blogging tap” has run dry?  Or maybe you have a lot of ideas, but no time to write about them?  Well, you are not alone!  Writing is not

Vivid Image Gives Back: Helping to Build a Habitat for Humanity

Beth Holm, Administrative Assistant at Vivid Image (also known as the Administrative Super Hero) just recently got involved with the Crow River Habitat for Humanity.

3 C’s of Marketing Success

What does it take to successfully market your business or service? A hefty online marketing budget? A larger marketing staff? Or maybe a boss that approves of all

8 Easy Ways to Use Social Media at Tradeshows

Anyone who gets Exhibitor Magazine, has seen the retro photo that is in the back of each issue, showing a tradeshow image from what seems like a century ago (and

7 Marketing Lessons from Madonna: Brand Ambition

Growing up in the 80’s, Madonna was the center of my pop music world. Her songs truly inspired me to follow my dreams and lifted me up when I was feeling down. I

Should I use Pinterest to Market my Business?

Pinterest is the fastest growing social media site in history, so there is no doubt that many of our clients are wondering if they should be spending time pinning for

8 Smart Phone Photography Tips for Amazing Photos

If there is one thing that is critical to success with social media, it is using images to engage your audience. Since not everyone has access to stock photography, a

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is creating information that your potential customers will find value in, with the intention of promoting a product or service.  Content marketers

Gain More Followers to your Company’s Linkedin

Determining the best social media strategy isn't always easy.  Often companies have several goals they want to meet, different social networks they want to be on, and

Simple Social Media Marketing Plan Creation – the STREAM Method

If you haven’t created a Social Media Marketing Plan for your company yet, now is a perfect time to start. Here is a simple method that I use for creating a marketing

13 Tips for Facebook Page Newsfeed Optimization

If you manage your company's Facebook Page, you have probably come to expect a declined organic newsfeed reach by now, especially with overly-promotional posts. A

Facebook Timeline Contest Ideas & Tips

For a while we were all trained by Facebook that contest and giveaways had to be done via a third party app on Facebook. Now that those contest rules are more

What's New and Upcoming with Facebook and Twitter?

Last week at Vivid Image, I held a class on Social Media Changes and Trends. We talked mostly about some recent changes in Facebook and also some social media trends

4 Simple Methods of Writing Blog Headlines that Work for Me

Writing a compelling and click-worthy headline for a blog post is a fine art.  As a blogger, I feel torn between making the headline compelling and clickable, while

Social Media Rockstar Event: Your BackStage Pass

Social Media Rockstars from around Minnesota gathered in Willmar, MN last week to talk about content and social, and do some old-fashioned face-to-face networking as

How to Make Awesome Social Media Graphics without PhotoShop

Photo-editing tools like PhotoShop are too expensive and complex for part-time use by the everyday marketer. Community Managers today need to be able to make original

19 Ways to Integrate Social Media into your Next Tradeshow or Event

Integrating social media into your tradeshow and event marketing plan is a great way to enhance your company’s next tradeshow presence.  As a Certified Tradeshow

Facebook Advertising 101 – Exploring Options

Brands that consider Facebook an important part of their marketing need to create a new social media strategy that includes innovative ways to get organic reach, as

High-Tech Kids and Cyber Safety

Kids love technology, often times even more than their adult counterparts (which can make it hard to stay on top of what kids are doing online). My kids are still

Making Promoted Facebook Posts Work for You

By now, you have probably noticed that your Facebook posts have not been getting the reach that they used to a year ago. Or maybe you have wondered why you haven’t

Content Marketing Essential: Google Alerts

As a marketer or business owner, Google Alerts are essential - especially for content marketing. Google Alerts is a free Google tool that sends you email alerts of

Your Digital Life Needs Some Spring Cleaning

It is easy to remember to do some spring cleaning to our home, office, and even our cars. But what about doing some spring cleaning to your digital life too?  Just

5 Facebook Page Mistakes you Better not Make

Getting your brand to stand out on Facebook takes some planning, consistency, and creativity (here is a helpful blog post about getting seen in the Facebook

7 Ways to Dissolve Writer's Block

If you are a writer or blogger, you have probably  experienced it. Sitting in front of your computer with the blank stare and motionless hands. Yes, most of us have

Customer Testimonials and the Social Media Hub

In your marketing toolbox, you probably have some customer testimonials – maybe some that you received by email, through your social media sites, or a review site. If

Use your Facebook Page to Grow your Email Marketing

With the constant changes in Facebook, marketers must be constantly changing too. Even if you have a great community of Facebook fans, it is important that you are

10 Reasons to Write a "Best of" Blog Post Now

It is hard to believe that another year is coming to an end.  For many bloggers, it can be a challenge to think of a blog post to write during the last weeks of the

Hashtags are (not) just for the Birds

Who would have guessed that the pound sign symbol (#) would become so popular as the “hashtag” we know today? It has become part of many of our daily online

How to Grow your Evergreen Blog Content

There are many different types of content you can publish on your blog, such as newsworthy or timely content. But, evergreen content will work the hardest for you,

Which Social Networks Should my Business Use? (Part 3)

A few weeks ago, I shared the four steps to choosing the right social network and the social media prism.   Then we talked about a few of the most commonly used

Social Media RockStar Event in a TweetShell

The Social Media RockStar Event at Jackpot Junction put on by Sarah Kuglin and her posse was inspiring. With amazing speakers such as Jason Falls and Minnesota’s own

Which Social Networks should my Business Use? (Part 2)

Your marketing team has decided to take the plunge into social media.  But with hundreds of social networks to choose from, where do you start?  We can help - first

Which Social Networks Should my Business Use? (Part 1)

Now that you know that social media is right for your business,  you may be a little overwhelmed by which social networks to promote your company on.  Although many

3 Ways to Use Twitter to Enhance your Blog

There are so many ways to integrate your blog content with your social media initiatives. Most blogs have some type of social media sharing built-in to make it easy

Facebook Analytics You Can Actually Use

Facebook has launched the new Page Insights with analytics, graphs and well-organized data that Community Managers can actually use. I am thrilled to see this, as it

New Gmail Tabs and your Email Marketing

Do you use Gmail?  Do your customers use Gmail? Recently, Google made some changes to the Gmail layout, which automatically filters some of your emails into

What is a Community Manager?

Even though social media, blogs, and mobile have totally changed the marketing world in the last 5+ years, I have found that a lot of people still have no idea what a

5 Strategies for Growing your Linkedin Network

Now 225 million members strong with 2 new members signing up every second, Linkedin has become far more than just a place to look for your next career. Linkedin helps

A Shout Out to Our Rural Minnesota Website Peeps!

It is always fun to talk to other people who work in the same industry as you do. Sharing stories, challenges, and ideas can create awesome collaboration and mutual

Pros and Cons of Social Media Automation

Often our customers ask us how they can post a social media update in just one place, and have it go to all their social media channels. Typically we advise against

Start Fresh – Social Media Spring Cleaning Tips

It is time to clean house, get organized, and freshen up your social media profiles!  Now that the first quarter is behind us, take a look at how each of your social

31 Ways to Repurpose your Blog Posts into Social Media Content

With every blog post you publish, there are vast ways to promote it.  In a perfectly SEO'd world, the search engines would always find your posts and place them on

Don’t Fear the Social Media Policy

We all have those projects that are difficult to tackle– maybe because we are not sure where to start or it just seems too complicated. This could be true for some of

Mobile App vs. Mobile Website

At Vivid Image, a question we hear often is about the difference between a mobile app and a mobile website. You have probably heard us talk about the importance of a

Why Create a Social Media Policy?

If your company is marketing with social media, but does not have a social media policy in place, you are not alone. To create a social media policy, you need to ask

WordPress Blog Formatting – Do’s and Dont’s

One of the key benefits of the WordPress platform is that once the foundation of your WordPress site is developed, you can easily add new content as a blog post,

How to Write Better Blogs on Schedule

Most bloggers will tell you one of their biggest challenges is coming up with engaging blog content on a regular basis. If you have plans for increasing your blog

Is Small Business Saturday a New Holiday Shopping Tradition?

 How important is it to shop locally? Does it really make a difference if you support the small business down the road? Living in a small town most of my life, I

Secrets to BLEND's Guest Blogging Program

Creating relevant and useful blog content takes not just a good chunk of time, but also an equal amount of creative effort.  But there are some effective blogging

3 Ways Nonprofits Build Success with Social Media

Many nonprofit organizations understand that a strong web presence is vital to their ongoing success. The content they share on their website tells their story and

Marketing with Video, According to a Mediaologist

Technology is changing at such a rapid pace. My parents didn’t have smart phones growing up, and my kids have no idea what a phone booth is! But today, most of us

5 Little Known Ways to Encourage Content Sharing

As marketers, we are always aiming to create remarkable content that is trusted, valued and shared. We write attention getting headlines, helpful blog posts, and

Who Else Wants a Boost in In-Store Traffic?

You have a great-looking store front with eye-catching signage, ample parking, a welcoming staff, and maybe even an attractive window display. But how do  you

MPHA finds Solution for their Membership Website

When the Minnesota Public Health Association (MPHA) was ready to redesign their website, they knew they needed to make a major change, but had no idea how to get

How to Publish your Company on Linkedin

You have a personal profile on LinkedIn and it is 110% complete. You are building connections, engaging in groups, and if you are a power networker or sales person,

Ten Twitter Time Savers

You are not alone if Twitter makes you feel a bit overwhelmed, fatigued, and wondering where the time went. Twitter time management could almost be an oxymoron. It is

Five SEO Essentials Made Easy with WordPress

As marketers or small business owners, it is easy to look at Search Engine Optimization and see it as being complex compared to the other projects we are doing to get

Runnings Amps Up Their Online Marketing

In Minnesota, the name “Runnings” used to make us think of a farm store. But that perception is evolving, just like their name and marketing. “Runnings Farm and

How to Develop Remarkable Content (Video)

One of the most frequent challenges that our customers face revolves around creating consistent content for their website.  Sure, getting your new website live is a

What’s in it for Me? (Rewarding Check-ins)

For the past 6 months or so, I have been "checking in" to many local businesses (big and small) using Foursquare and Facebook on my iPhone.  I have been anxious to

Pinteresting Opportunities for Businesses

The Pinterest craze has officially hit, making it one of the most heavily visited and top 10 social media networks of 2011.  As a “visual” person, I find Pinterest to

Two Essentials of Goal Setting Success

Naturally, this is the most common time for reviewing the last year and looking towards the next year for goal setting or "New Year Resolutions" as some people call

Clay Coyote Pottery Shapes the Perfect E-Commerce Presence

Making pottery may sound like a hobby, but for Tom and Betsy it is their business and passion.  Between them and another potter, they produce nearly 5000 pots per

10 More Ways Santa can use his iPhone for Mobile Marketing

It looks like Santa already got his techy Christmas present. You may have seen the newest Apple iPhone 4S commercials with Siri. You see, Santa uses Siri (the voice

Spread Christmas Cheer via Marketing

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Seasons Greetings! Happy New Year! There are lots of ways to say “Merry Christmas” to your customers and partners as a business

Black Friday – 5 Social Media Trends

Whether you take part in Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday, there are some great deals that you can find from local businesses both online and

10 Easy Ways to Promote your Facebook Event through Social Media Marketing

There are so many different ways to leverage Facebook marketing, including through Facebook Events. Depending on the nature of your business and your marketing

Website Maintenance Checklist – Daily to Yearly Tasks

To help people who may have the unofficial title of “webmaster” somewhere in their job description, we have come up with a very basic webmaster checklist to help you

5 Marketing Life Preservers for Small or Sinking Budgets

Often running a small company or start-up business means you have to market your products or services on a smaller budget for longer than you would like. With today's

20 Twitter Terms Defined for New Tweeters

Twitter is probably one of the most misunderstood of all the social media tools.  It is very different from Facebook, YouTube or blogging, even though it once called

5 Mistakes to Avoid with Facebook Pages

Even as a “seasoned” Facebook marketer, I will be one of the first to admit that Facebook marketing isn’t rocket science.  But if you want to effectively promote your

Make Friends with SEO’s Offspring – Title Tags

Earlier this week, we introduced you to a long-time friend of Vivid Image, named “SEO”,  also known as Search Engine Optimization, in her blog post, Hello,

Litchfield Area Chamber of Commerce

Litchfield Chamber of Commerce Website is Hub for Members Website: www.litch.com The Litchfield Area Chamber of Commerce is an organization of over 250 business

You Changed Everything, Steve Jobs

After getting over the initial shock and sadness of hearing about the death of Steve Jobs, I am trying to figure out how to describe the impact that he has had on my

Heirlooms Tea Room & Special Occasions

Website turns big dreams into small business for Heirlooms Website: www.HeirloomsTea.com Facebook: Heirlooms Tea Room on Facebook Written by Audrey Hollatz,

Local Search – Claiming What’s Yours

As a small business with a limited budget, you are probably looking for the best way to stretch you marketing dollars.  Your online marketing plan needs to include

Brace Yourself for Big Facebook Changes

We don't need to tell you that Facebook is making more changes.  If you have logged in to Facebook in the last week you have noticed them, either by the changed news

Your Website’s Health and Vital Statistics

Put your webmaster hat back on! Last week we talked about the daily and weekly webmaster tasks for small business owners. Were you able to complete the tasks for the

Larson Builders

Larson Builders Using Social Media Tools for Web Success Website: www.larsonbuilders.com Facebook: Larson Builders on Facebook The Larson Family of Companies has

Checklist for the Webmaster Who Wears Many Hats

Often in small business, employees (and owners) wear many hats. A person who is in customer service may handle customer inquiries from the website. Another person who

As the Minnesota seasons change, so does Facebook

  Although Facebook announced over a dozen changes last week, many of us are just noticing some of the differences now as they roll out.  Facebook made some

How to Ask for the Sale (Marketing Style)

Any experienced sales person knows that they have to “ask for the sale”.  But for those of us who are not in sales, this concept is a little bit harder to practice.

A Website is not Enough – Think Mobile

Today, having a website viewable on your desktop computer isn’t enough.  Millions of people are now using their mobile phones to surf the internet and look for

4 Bits of Domain Name Advice

Looking for that catchy, unique domain name for your business?  Be prepared to look long and hard. Finding the perfect domain name to become your brand identity is

Is anyone out there? Location-Based Marketing in Rural Minnesota

As a small town girl almost all my life, I am used to wide open spaces, corn fields, and black dirt. But it is no wonder, that when people come to my hometown of

Google+ and our Circles of Life

Unless you have been spending your July living on a remote island, you have probably heard all the hype about the giant of the tech world, Google, launching it’s own

Just a Girl Amused by Mobile Apps

As a new iPhone 4 user, I have been blown away by its ease of use and functionality. This cute little phone must be made for people like me – the

Marketer, Meet the Landing Page

Even if you have a rocking website, you may want to consider driving some targeted web traffic to a landing page instead of always to your homepage.  A landing page

What to Know about Social Apps for Business

Social applications can make a marketer’s job easier! By automating some things, and enhancing others, the right apps can make the customer experience more rewarding,

Start Banking on Social Media

Did you know that the Banking industry is the #3 most active industry that uses social media falling behind only Search Engine Portals and Advertising/Marketing? We

3 Simple Rules of Copywriting

Marketers need to be awesome writers in order to get their message communicated. Whether you are doing traditional marketing like print brochures or direct mail, or

The Five Step Social Media Strategy

Many companies, both large and small, in both the metro and rural communities, are seeing the far-reaching positive effects of social media for their business. It

Personal Branding – Managing the “You” Brand with Social Media

It doesn’t matter what business you are in – relationships are what make sales happen. People want to buy from their friends! It is more important than ever to

The Lasting Effects of a Fab Twitter Follower

Something I hear often while having a conversation about social media, is an overall confusion about Twitter, how it works, and why someone would want to type 140

Getting Social With Your Customers

We all know that social marketing is much more then marketing. It is customer service. It is sales. It is your brand and your voice. And if you are lucky, it is the

Being a Marketer is Like Being a Parent

As a marketer for 13 years, and a mom for 5, I have learned a lot by experience. Many of the same basic principles apply to both my titles, as Marketing Manager, and