Community Connection: Hutchinson Photography Club

Aside from being interested in all things techie, I’m also fascinated by photography. It’s amazing how a camera can capture a moment, an idea, or a splash of color and preserve it forever. Or at least until I hit the delete button. I’ve been a part of the Hutchinson Photography Club since it started a little over a year ago and have really enjoyed the diversity of talent that it has drawn.

Easter Tulips - By: Theresa Reyes

Easter Tulips - By: Theresa Reyes

I’m far from an artist, despite my interest, but I’ve found a welcome and inspirational place where I can learn about photography and share pictures with the others in the club. We meet once a month to share photos from our assignment (there’s one every month!) and to learn more about a photography-related topic. We recently had our first photography show, which was a great success with a wide variety of interesting pictures and lots of visitors. Visitors voted for their favorite photo. There were votes for so many different photos that the show must have really appealed to a lot of different people in lots of different ways. I can’t wait for the next one.

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