Mystery Meat: You May Be Surprised What You Find

mystery meat; marketing surprises you don't wantThe idea of mystery meat isn’t appealing. It’s actually quite appalling, unless of course you love cheap hot dogs.  Most of us would avoid anything called mystery meat, and the same can be said for outdated information on the Internet. With so much out of your control, it’s critical you know what is within your control to maintain your image and branding. When potential customers find you online, will they like what they see or turn up their nose and browse somewhere else?

Places to Find Some Mystery Meat

Website and Blog

  • Is your copyright in the bottom footer updated?
  • Is your employees page current?
  • If you have an employment page, are the openings that are listed current?
  • Are .pdf’s the most recent version on your website? It’s common to update for your day-to-day use and forget to update the online version.
  • Are your current products/services updated? Have you added a new service recently?
  • When is the most recent blog post that went live? If it’s been several weeks, get something new posted.
  • Review the vital information; address, PO Box, phone, emails, etc.
  • Are there any broken links that need to be fixed?
  • Are you linking with clear icons to your Facebook, YouTube, Twitter accounts?
  • Check your FAQ’s to make sure they are still relevant. These can change over time!
  • Do you have new testimonials to add to your site? Do you have old ones to remove that talk about a product or service no longer offered?
  • Do you need fresh pictures on your home page, sliders, or portfolios?
  • Are you advertising for a past event or have a calendar that needs new events added?

Local and Social Search Listings

In many instances, you are at the mercy of the lunch lady with the name tag “Google”, but it’s important to do some searches and see what comes up for your business.

  • If you created a YELP presence (or even if you didn’t) but you see your business coming up in Google results with, it’s time to take control and go to to make sure the information listed is accurate and helpful.
  • If you claimed your Bing Local Listing over a year ago and haven’t been back to update, chances are Bing deleted your listing. Make sure you go in a periodically make updates to keep this listing competitive.
  • New pictures to add?
  • Are you in the correct categories? Check for new ones added by the search engine.
  • New video to add? If you have a YouTube Channel, check for recent uploads.
  • Description need tweaking?
  • Service areas to add?
  • Payment methods to add?
  • Have you added a blog, Facebook, or Twitter presence that needs to be linked?

Social Media Sites

  • Does your Facebook Fan Page name need to be changed? This is now a one-time option. Consider this if you’ve changed your business name, changed ownership, merged with another company, etc.
  • Have you added a Twitter page header image? If yes, does it need updating?
  • Have you added a LinkedIn Company profile header image? If yes, does it need updating?
  • Have you updated your Facebook cover image in the last 3 months?
  • Do you have a duplicate fan page or Facebook places page that can be merged into one for a less confusing user experience and more business benefit?
  • Are you cross linking from your social media profile to other social media profiles and your website?
  • Is your enewsletter sign-up accessible from Facebook?

Is there something we missed? What would you add to this list of places to keep your online information fresh and appealing?