Come Visit Our New Willmar Office

Friday, February 19th Vivid Image has the honor of hosting the Willmar Lakes Area Chamber Connection. The event begins at 7:30 am at our newest location, 311 4th

Facebook Trends & Changes to Watch

Keeping on top of what is new and changing with Facebook is like trying to find where a rainbow starts. As soon as it is in sight, you realize that you are farther

Are You Doing What You’re Good At?

Some days can feel like this, no matter what business you are in. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Especially if you are the manager or owner,

A Guide Full of Tips for Creating the Perfect Email Newsletter

At Vivid Image we partner with Constant Contact for our clients' email marketing needs. Together we offer managed account services, valuable classes for our clients

I Would SEO, But Where Do I Start?

You wake up and think, today is the day. I'm going to search engine optimize (SEO) my website and get the best rankings that I could ever achieve, and get all of the

2016 Vivid Image Classes Accepting Registrations

We have recently published our list of classes, dates, and descriptions for 2016, and all classes are now open for registration. Class size is limited, so be sure to

Forms, Security, and Data

Contact Us Today! One of the greatest things about websites is how they open up lines of communication between business owners and their customers. Contact Us forms

Vivid Image: 2015 Year in Review

This past year was a year of growth, exciting changes, and milestones for Vivid Image! 20th Anniversary In 2015, Vivid Image celebrated 20 years in business.

The Most Popular Vivid Image Blog Posts of 2015

Each year, we take a look back at the most popular blog posts from the Vivid Image blog of the year. Here is a look at the most viewed and most shared blog posts on

SSLs: What Are They and Do I Need One?

SSLs, they're everywhere or perhaps they should be! SSLs (Secure Sockets Layer) have been a staple of the Internet for many years and make things like purchasing

Why Your Business Should Be Locally Famous

Fame is a hard thing to write about. You're probably thinking, what does this guy know about being famous. And if you weren't thinking about that, you most certainly

4 Reasons I Don’t Buy from You

Why in the heck would people not want to buy from you? As it turns out, there are plenty of reasons, and it only takes one to turn someone away from a sale. If you're