Vivid Image Team Shares Their Thoughts on Thanksgiving

With the Thanksgiving holiday next week, we thought you’d like hearing from our staff on some of the things for which they are most thankful. We hope you enjoy getting to know the unique personalities of our staff; the team who is very thankful for YOU.

After working at Vivid Image, I now have an appreciation for…

“The varied abilities of our customers and how a kind word of encouragement can make a world of difference.” Deanna

“People who enjoy managing the details.” Steve

“Our excellent IT staff.” Margaret

“Teamwork! So many things simply cannot be done by one person, or at least not done well!” Kori

Some of the technological advances I’m most thankful for are…


“Running water, electricity, modern medicine, and automobiles. I know these aren’t new, but where would we be without them. I’d hate to take a horse and buggy ride for two days to get 60 miles down the road.” Beth

“Smart phones with syncing calendars, grocery lists, and to-do lists!” Jackie

“A fast Internet connection and endless iPod apps for my daughter.” Margaret

The last thing I was sincerely thanked for was…


“For helping with fundraising and promoting a local early childhood organization.” Jackie


“The Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti I brought to the office.” Kori

The last person I sincerely thanked was…

“My best friend Marlon…Last week we went to a movie and the ending just made me think how important he and the rest of my friends are in my life. They always have my back and are there to give me a boost (or kick) when I need it.” Karlie


“Marc Vaillancourt for helping me dream bigger.” Steve


What I’m looking forward to the most over the Thanksgiving Holiday is…

“My mother-in-law’s cooking. She’s an amazing cook and it will be fun to have our foreign exchange daughter try so many American traditional dishes and see what she thinks.” Beth

“Hunting for the perfect Christmas tree that will fit in our house with my family. My husband sometimes overestimates the size of our living room, and I feel like the Christmas Vacation movie is coming true in our house when Clark cuts open the Christmas tree and it is way too big.” Deanna

“Time with my family and my sister-in-law’s cooking.” Kori


“Wine, cheese, relaxing with family, and a long weekend.” Jackie

“Time with my kids” Steve


Happy Thanksgiving from all of us to you!