Weekend Inspiration – Improve Your Golf Game and More!

One fun tool and two productivity tools this week:

Monitor Your Business Facebook Page on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad

Facebook just released a new app that allows page managers to post and monitor engagement on their Facebook pages.  Let’s face it, you have your mobile phone on you all of the time.  Read more about the app and give it a try to see how it helps you manage your Facebook posts for your company.

GPS for your Golf Game

I am not a good golfer.  But I may golf more with this application.  Swing by Swing uses GPS technology to bring you a FREE GPS Golf Range Finder.  You will always know the distance to the green right from your mobile phone – iPhone, Droid, or Blackberry. No more searching for yardage markers, and no more guessing your distance.  Its database has a surprising number of golf courses included.  Give it a try.

Convert your PDF files to Word Documents

Sometimes you just need to convert your documents back to Word.  PDF to Word does just that – it will help you convert a PDF file to an editable Word document quickly.

Your Thoughts?

What do you think of these tools?  I would love to hear your comments and thoughts on these or other tools you love.