When you hire Vivid Image, you are not just hiring a web guy but rather an entire orchestra of online marketing and communications professionals with unique talents and abilities.

  • Your Account Director is the central point of contact throughout your entire process. They will work with you on creating the vision for your web communications foundation.
  • Your Graphic Designer will also be with you every step of the way to ensure the look, feel, and personality of your brand that was envisioned at the beginning of the process is carried through until the end.
  • Your Programmer will build all of the pieces of the puzzle together to make the vision a reality.
    • Your IT Specialist, will work with you to ensure your site and/or email is running optimally on the servers. They are also available to assist you with email set up and maintenance.
    • If you need help writing great content, your Content Specialist will craft professional copy and blogs.
    • If social media is part of your marketing strategy, your Social Media Community Manager will help you set up, build, grow, and engage with your online community.



Please take some time to get to know the talent at Vivid Image, Inc. and thank you for an opportunity!

Steve Gasser, President

Steve GasserI am always looking for ways to inspire new ideas with others so that we can continue to help others achieve their business dreams. Even after 19 years in business, I continue to be as passionate about inspiring possibilities for those around me as the day Vivid Image first opened its doors. As President of Vivid Image and a certified Social Media Consultant, I can often be found strategizing with business colleagues, experimenting with new technologies, or assisting our team with initiatives that will have a profound impact on how we will provide value to our clients and community.

Beth Gasser, Vice President

Beth GasserAnyone who has worked with me knows I am all about producing results and getting things done very quickly. I love being a copywriter and a source of social media inspiration for our team and clients. After 19 years, I’m still very enthusiastic about our purpose “to experience the joy of making small daily differences in our clients’ lives that lead to a brighter future.”

Kori Sanders, Managing Director

Kori SandersIn addition to heightening project workflow and internal company processes, my focus is on being a resource for tackling complex online projects. When research on new technologies and solutions is needed, I am excited to identify the best tool for the job. Using our team’s strengths and matching them up with client needs, I can help make just about anything happen seamlessly online. I am so fortunate to spend the day with the amazing team here at VI – I’m constantly blown away at what we can do when we put our heads together!

Account Directors

KristalKristal Ehrke,
Account Director

With my sales and marketing background, I know the importance of taking care of customers every step of the way. My passion for outstanding customer service and client retention carries over to helping our clients put an emphasis on the same things in their businesses. As partners in an ever-changing marketplace, it’s critical that we work together to make your daily business run smooth. I look forward to helping you identify what makes your business truly unique and creating a customized plan to achieve your growth goals.

10338340_10153278062648185_5545552295874453652_nAmber Munoz,
Project Manager

Positive thinking is pivotal to how I approach all aspects of my life, including business and client relationships. I’m driven to put my clients first and do what it takes to help them be successful. I’m always excited for a new challenge, which helps me fit the role of Project Manager perfectly. Whether you need a simple website update or you’re ready to tackle a new marketing endeavor, I’m ready to help you define your goals and get you where you want to be. I’ll be here every step of the way as your business grows.

Danielle Vander Ploeg,
Account Director

Your business needs a website and online strategy that works as hard as you do. My experience in marketing and ecommerce has taught me that a solid online presence is not only a powerful way to generate leads and get found, but can also help establish trust with potential customers and build stronger relationships with your existing base. Not sure where to start or where to go next? My goal is to provide exceptional service to our clients by partnering with them to help clearly define their goals, and then develop customized strategies and solutions to achieve them. I’ll work diligently to ensure your experience is insightful, enjoyable, manageable and successful!


SEO and Social Media Marketing

JackieJackie Kaufenberg, Community Manager & Social Media Strategist

Social media continues to change how people are communicating and doing business. Marketing is no longer a one-way conversation. The beauty of social media marketing is how it lets people engage with brands, and then share their passion for the brand with others online. It is my role to help companies and brands succeed by not only creating a social media and content strategy, but also by putting the plan into action and getting results. By nurturing your online communities and creating stories and content your customers want to read, prospects turn into leads – leads turn into customers – and your customers can turn into your biggest advocates.

Steve SlaterSteve Slater,
SEO Specialist

Everyday people use the Internet to research companies, find information, and make transactions. Today’s consumers are savvy searchers online, expecting to find what they want using search features that deliver quality results. The growing use of search engines, tied with social media and mobile technology, makes it more important for people like me to dedicate time to understanding how search engines work. In order to effectively use them as a marketing tool, it’s my role to stay on top of the ever changing SEO trends, guidelines, and information. I’ll help make sure your customers can easily find and do business with you online. I will never settle for just achieving a high page rank in search engines; my #1 goal is to make sure that you are growing your business.



Margaret Diggins,
Graphic Designer

Every business has goals and online expectations. I love to work with clients to design their web presence to reflect their brand and company culture. How I design a website will impact their target market and how they interact online. The design, layout and functionality of a website build the foundation for ongoing relationships with customers. I bring a sense of peace and passion to the design process and look forward to working with you.

KarlieKarlie Mosher,
Graphic Designer &

Having an online presence is pretty important in this day and age. Having a solid online presence that expresses your company, identity, and mission is even more important. In today’s world with so many companies and products, it can be hard to get yourself noticed. As a graphic designer it is my job to help better your company and attract customers via web and print design, whether that is by website or by brochure. I want to help you make your company a successful and a visually attractive one. I don’t think there is any company that is too small to have a great designed identity and website.

ShaylaShayla Johnson,
Graphic Designer

I love getting to work with various clients in different industries. The clients at Vivid Image make every day fun and exciting, with a vast variation of projects. Whether I’m creating a newsletter, designing a website or keeping up with coding and technology, I enjoy the change in tasks, creative design, and technical problem solving.” Having grown up on a farm, she loves to spend her spare time being outside. When she’s not at work, you can find Shayla hiking, gardening, shooting bow, or at one of the family farms.

ShannonShannon Streich,
Graphic Designer

Being a Hutchinson native, I have been fortunate enough to be able to return to Hutchinson and raise my family in this great “hometown community”. For many years, I have enjoyed being able to design pieces for a number of the businesses that make up this community. I enjoy designing because it is both challenging and very rewarding.” Shannon has extensive experience in newspaper and print design. Assisting Vivid Image clients with building a strong brand identity is important to Shannon, as it’s an especially important way to help them get noticed.



DeannaDeanna Schwint, Programmer

The possibilities are endless with online applications but without taking the time to define requirements and take small steps, the goals of an online application may not be achieved. I spend my time learning the in’s and out’s of how businesses work in order to move these processes online. This can range from a simple contact form to a complex ordering system. Either one produces results that make a difference for businesses and that is what makes my position rewarding.

JustinJustin McGuire, Programmer

Technology is more than a job; it’s my passion. Few things get me more excited than seeing how new and emerging technologies are helping businesses to accomplish their goals and make a better and longer lasting connection with their customers. Living in both the worlds of today and tomorrow allows me to help clients get the most out of current technology for short term goals and to help clients develop long term strategies to grow their business in the future.


BethBeth Holm, aka Administrative Super Hero

With a background in customer service and direct sales, I understand that without clients we are “out of business”. My goal is to put clients first, listen to their needs, follow through and communicate effectively. I am also ready at all times to assist the staff at Vivid Image to help serve clients and keep operations running smoothly. I am motivated to add to your overall experience at Vivid Image joining a team of top-notch professionals who work in a creative and encouraging environment. Ready, willing and able… How may I help you?