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Facebook and Instagram Ads

Do Facebook and Instagram ads really work? Yes, they do! You can get incredible results from ads designed to perform well, but that takes more than just “boosting a post” on your page. This class will let you in on the secrets of ad options available and how they can work well for your businessContinue Reading

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WordPress Refresher

Whether you are new to WordPress or simply need to get a few questions answered, this class will cover the basics of using your website to its fullest. Create new pages, write blog posts, make website changes, add documents, and ensure what you do is consistent with website usability standards. This class will follow aContinue Reading

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Speed Up Your Hiring Process & Fill Your Open Positions

Today’s fastest and most successful hiring strategies require you to use effective marketing to ensure you reach candidates where they’re searching, appeal to them in a way that peaks interest, and convince them to apply right away. This class will cover all aspects of filling open positions from finding candidates, authentically selling your business andContinue Reading

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