VI Culture

VI Culture

Our Involvement at a Glance

It’s important to us that we be involved and give back to our community in meaningful ways. We’ve found that when we take big needs and break them down into small, simple ways people can help, we can collectively make a big difference. The first week in August is “Paint Your World Purple” with the McLeod County Relay for Life on Friday evening. Cancer has touched the lives of too many family and friends of the Vivid Image team. We proudly show our support for this important cause, and many of us will donate time to help with the event. Please consider showing your support by attending this Relay for Life event or one near you. Click each of the categories below to see where our team is involved locally and elsewhere!
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Employee Spotlight

Karlie Mosher and Steve Slater Cover RiverSong

#RiverSong16 has been hailed by fans as the best year yet. Thanks to Karlie and Slater’s LIVE social media coverage of the event, many videos, interviews, stories, and candid photos were captured so that fans can relive the best of the festival for months to come! Karlie and Slater donated their time and talents to making sure amazing moments were captured and the newest in social media/technology was used. They broadcast LIVE on Facebook for fans to watch and take part. Thank you to Karlie and Slater for your help with RiverSong. Also, thanks to other Vivid Image staff for helping in other ways: Heidi, Kori, Beth G., Amber

RCM: Remark!able Company Meeting

We’re a little different, and we’re fine with that

Vivid Image has a very distinctive office culture and team atmosphere that embraces hard work, fast turnaround, celebrating with our clients, and plenty of quirky fun. Each month we have a Remark!able Company Meeting, lovingly called “RCM” in which we celebrate our clients’ success stories, talk about new technologies and trends, and how we’ve grown individually and as a company over the past month. Following RCM, we have a themed lunch, which is often the envy of outsiders. Show up around this time, you’re likely to be handed a plate! We recently had the theme “On a Stick” and a campfire cake with roasted marshmallows on a stick was a delight.