Speed Up Your Hiring Process

Today’s fastest and most successful hiring strategies require you to use effective marketing to ensure you reach candidates where they’re searching, appeal to them in a way that peaks interest, and convince them to apply right away. This class will cover all aspects of filling open positions from finding candidates, authentically selling your business andContinue Reading

Website Traffic in 10 Easy Steps

Increase traffic to your website and make sure your online (and offline) marketing efforts aren’t missing the mark! Make sure your current customers have a reason to come back to your website and tell others about you. Don’t waste precious time, money, and resources but being unsure of what to do. Learn easy steps youContinue Reading

Steal our Marketing Playbook – Vivid Image Marketing Method

Take a peek into the strategy that powers our most successful clients. You'll get to steal our marketing playbook, designed to amplify customer activity. We'll Be Covering These Topics and More... Instructor: Steve Gasser

Simplified Video Creation: Recording to Publishing

Do you keep hearing that your business needs to start putting videos out on social media, but you’re unsure where to start? This course is perfect for you! You'll learn how to record videos that will grab attention and keep viewers engaged, as well as find out what platforms your videos will perform best on.Continue Reading

How to Become the Obvious Choice in Your Customer’s Mind

Reputation is more important than ever, especially when you're trying to build trust, solidify customer loyalty, and increase sales. Learn what you can do starting now. Build trust. Take control. Reputation matters Instructor: Steve Gasser