Karlie Awarded Young Leader of the Year 2016

Congratulations to Karlie Mosher! Karlie is a graphic designer at Vivid Image. She is a leader inside and outside of work. After completing the Hutchinson

Vivid Image Welcomes Melissa Goldstein

Melissa Goldstein joined our team in early January as our Office Manager. Melissa is a wonderful addition to our office and brings with her four years of

The Marketing and Technology Trends We Think You’ll See in 2017

This is a short and sweet compilation of what our staff feels will be the trend in 2017. You can look forward to more in depth information on our website and

5 Ways to Not Waste Money on Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising offers many ways to get in front of the right people with the right message. But, finding that perfect mix is now always easy. Here are some tips

Steve’s Google Review Photo with 7,000 Views

There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. That can very true. The addition of a photo on a business review can trigger thousands of views. Customer

Create Expanded Text Ads Using the AdWords Editor

Remember when you were a kid and you got a new Lego set? It was exciting and awesome. Then you opened it up and found a box of thousands of pieces that were going to

Simple Tips to Increase Employee Social Advocacy

Building a social media presence isn’t always easy, especially when  you are first starting out. Do you have a social media vision but need your employees’

Six Steps to Writing a Meaningful Testimonial

I find myself writing more and more testimonials every day. Part of my job at Vivid Image entails helping businesses create case studies, success stories, social

Take a Look at This!

There's no doubt we love what we do. It's been busy around our office, and our favorite part of every project is to celebrate with our clients when their new websites

My Presentation from the #MNBlogCon

Recently I was lucky enough to speak at the MN Blogger Conference. I was really excited to be picked. Bloggers are an amazing group of people. Most bloggers get

Awesome Advice on LinkedIn and Social Selling

JoAnne Funch, an Independent LinkedIn Trainer, Consultant, and Speaker, was our most recent speaker for the Social Media Breakfast Central Minnesota. LinkedIn is one

Outstanding Results from Unlikely Places

Every business owner has a limited amount of time to devote to required tasks related to operating and growing a business. It's imperative that time isn't wasted and