Google Knows Mobile Is Important. Do You?

Google is getting serious about making sure that your site is ready for the mobile user. They have begun sending automated emails from Google Webmaster Tools to let

High-Tech Kids and Cyber Safety

Kids love technology, often times even more than their adult counterparts (which can make it hard to stay on top of what kids are doing online). My kids are still

SMBCMN Features James McCracken

Recently we (the team at Vivid Image) have had the pleasure of getting to know James McCracken. James is the head of Marketing and Technology at McCracken Marketing.

Can I Use Snapchat to Market My Business?

Snapchat is a relatively new photo messaging app. Basically that means that users can take pictures of something, draw or write on the image, and send it to other

How to Set Up Email on Your Smartphone

Vivid Image clients are provided with an email hosting service; Rackspace. The use of email for business has not diminished nor has its importance. Instead, it

Mobile Responsive Website Musings

Mobile marketing is on the minds of many!  We have clients who have already embraced and invested in mobile design, but many who are not quite there and realize

Mobile App vs. Mobile Website

At Vivid Image, a question we hear often is about the difference between a mobile app and a mobile website. You have probably heard us talk about the importance of a

Find Out How Much of Your Target Audience is Using Mobile

Dear Vivid Image, There is so much in the news lately about mobile devices. It is important for our business to know how many of our website visitors are accessing

What is Mobile Responsive Design?

Over a year ago we wrote about mobile website design in the article "A Website is Not Enough - Think Mobile."  Since then, mobile device sales haven't slowed down

Who Else Wants a Boost in In-Store Traffic?

You have a great-looking store front with eye-catching signage, ample parking, a welcoming staff, and maybe even an attractive window display. But how do  you

How Local Search Kept A Roadtrip Mishap “Yell-Free” & Rescued My "Vacation"

All of the Vivid Image folks have areas of expertise, which makes us a well-balanced team of professionals.  I don’t profess to be a huge local marketing expert, but

Ready to Text Your Small Business Customers?

We've sure progressed in communication, haven't we? Texting is a long way from hieroglyphics, but if you squint, one of the pictures looks like a smart phone. You