Do You Know About All Your Facebook Pages?

Have you ever searched for the name of your business in Facebook to see what shows up? Whether you have a business Facebook page or not this is a good practice to do

Hiring Millennials Summary from Social Media Breakfast

Hiring millennials is a topic of conversation that comes up with most business owners, HR departments and managers whenever they are hiring new talent. I am a

The Good and Bad of Facebook Tags

Tagging appropriate people and pages in your Facebook posts is often something we encourage to increase your views and online presence. What is a Facebook tag? Tags

The 15-Minute Email Marketing Challenge

15 minutes. 15 minutes. What can you accomplish in 15 minutes? You might organize some files, write a blog post, take a cat nap or walk the dog. As a small business

Online Reputation: A Love-Hate Relationship

The goal of online reputation management is to monitor the business brand on the Internet. This involves encouraging positive (love!) feedback, addressing negative

What to Know about the Recent Facebook Page Changes

Facebook has been changing the layout of their Pages for business again - this time on the desktop version. It sounds likes the new Facebook Page design has rolled

Consider Broadcasting LIVE from Your Next Event

Broadcast LIVE for Free using Facebook Live & If This, Than That Have you used or watched a Facebook Live video? They are becoming more and more popular as I

Tired of Hearing from Fans They Never See Your Facebook Fan Page Posts?

If you've heard from more than one person that they never seem to see your fan page updates in their newsfeed, your best course of action is to guide them through the

Your Hashtag is Only as Good as Your Privacy Settings

#TakeNote! Your clever hashtag that you've gone through the trouble of consistently using may not be going viral anytime soon if nobody outside your personal friends

How I use Hootsuite as a Social Media Management Tool

Hootsuite is a tool used to manage your social media marketing. It is one of the many tools referred to as a “Social Media Management” Tool or System (others include

Do You Know About These Changes Facebook Made to Your Fan Page?

Facebook has rolled out a few changes we want to share with you. Facebook Change #1 The first one, you may have already noticed, is the disappearance of the "Use

Content Marketing Summary from Social Media Breakfast

This morning Christina Mikanowski, Vice-President of Maccabee presented to the Social Media Breakfast Central Minnesota on the topic of Content Marketing. For those