Today's Word of Mouth Marketing: MVTV Wireless

This is the last in a series of three VI Community blog posts, where clients have offered to share their social networking stories with you and the impact it’s had on their business.

Today’s story is from Kristin Noble of MVTV Wireless, a provider of High Speed Broadband Wireless Internet  in Southwestern Minnesota.  Kristin blogs at MVTV Wireless, connects with clients on their Facebook fan page, and is on Twitter. Her enthusiasm for trying new tools and connecting with customers online is inspirational.

Kristin’s Word of Mouth Story

mvtv wireless broadbandI always ask people who call where they heard about us and many times they say, “You know what? I saw you on Facebook.” Our very active and complete website that integrates our Facebook and blogging campaigns really keeps us top of mind with our clients and a trusted authority in our industry.  We still utilize some newspaper and direct mail, but the vast majority of our referrals come through Word of Mouth.

Every Friday on our Facebook page I post a photo from the top of a tower where our technicians are installing and ask our fans to guess the location. It’s really fun to see the response each week, and I know it keeps people intrigued and keeps MVTV top of mind. I probably only spend 1-2 hours each week overall on our social media and blogging campaigns.

On a personal note, before we started working with Vivid Image, I had never blogged before.  Now I am not only blogging for MVTV, but I’ve also been a guest blogger and never knew how much I would enjoy it!

Your Turn

Do you have any comments or stories to share about how your business has positively been impacted by today’s Word of Mouth Marketing? We’d love to hear from you! Comment below or send us an email to