What Will Get the 'Ole Heart Pumping and Foot Twitching in 2014?

2014Each New Year promises exciting changes, new technologies, and significant shifts in trends. 2014 is shaping up to be a sensational year for those who are tired of the same old, same old. Never before has our online world moved so quickly and people’s demands dictated the course of communication and transactions.

Instead of combing through hundreds of articles about predicted trends, our staff has done the work for you. We’ve compiled a list of frequently mentioned topics in our respective areas that we think represent what will likely get your heart pumping and foot twitching in 2014. Here’s a glimpse at what your Vivid Image team is enthusiastically discussing.

Non-Profit Fundraising on Facebook Gets a Boost

Those having a Facebook presence for a non-profit will like the new fundraising features currently in beta testing on Facebook. Soon to be rolled out, the ease and social aspects of donating to favorite causes will be amped up considerably with 100% of contributions raised through this new feature going to the organization.

Mobile on the Move

Instead of an after thought, mobile considerations will move to the forefront of planning, design, and online marketing strategies. 2014 will see marketers giving greater consideration to mobile search, mobile video, and mobile “First” design. Within the ag industry specifically, mobile apps are cutting edge. We predict other industries will follow suit, and we’ll be blown away with how specific and niche apps will get in facilitating and enhancing business while on the move!

Conversational Search the New Norm

With the Knowledge Graph getting smarter and conversational search more accurate to searcher’s intentions, we are going to see a significant shift both in how we search and prepare websites for searchability. Voice search is entering the scene and more modern mobile designs are going to increase opportunities for mobile search engine optimization.

Website Design Shift

Website design, functionality, and back-end development is undergoing an evolution of sorts to make things faster to load, easier to update, and equipped to be more responsive than ever before. Look forward to clean designs, stellar font use, power-packed single pages, and more intuitive to visitor needs. You’ll likely hear the terms “evolutionary website” and “flat design”, indicating a shift in how website designs will rise to the occasion of how people expect fast, clean, & simple.

While our list of new trends in 2014 is quite long, this is just a snapshot summary. Talk to your account manager with technologies you’ve heard about or ideas you’re thinking about incorporating into your marketing in 2014.

What would you add to this list?