What’s In A Name?

“You’re blogging about email signatures?  Isn’t that so…1996?”  Well, apparently some global (and local) organizations have ignored the importance of the email/autosignature, or signature block because there are many emails without contact information, or worse, inappropriate personal information on them. This little piece of information is so vital for a business, especially if contact information is erased on a laptop or a digital catastrophe occurs. Autosignatures can help you rebuild your contact list and can be a starting point in building an email database. Don’t take it for granted.

Valuable Branding

This is such a valuable piece of marketing branding which is completely overlooked (much like invoices, but that is a another blog post).  An autosignature does not need to be fancy, but it must convey who you are and what you do.

It should contain:

  • Your Name
  • Your Position within the Organization
  • How to Contact You (ie your phone number and email address)

Optional Information:

  • Organizational mailing address
  • Website URL, especially important if you are a .org, .biz or something less intuitive, especially with the recent changes in domains).
  • Work-Related Social Media handles (This is not the time to broadcast to clients that you are Casonova1972 or VintageVette; this is professional).

How To

If you haven’t updated yours since 1997 or even 2007, it’s time to implement it as an internal or HR campaign throughout your organization.  Develop a standard way of signing emails. If you have various mail programs, Kat Neville’s article on The Art and Science of the Email Signature takes you to several tutorials on creating a signature.  If you are using Outlook, this tutorial is thorough. Have fun updating this vital piece of digital business communication.