Administering a Fan Page Without Using Facebook Personally

Dear Vivid Image,

Our business would like to build a fan page on Facebook, but some of our employees whom we’d want to manage the fan page are not on Facebook. Our question is if we can make someone an administrator of our fan page who is does not have a Facebook account and/or does not wish to use Facebook personally.

Scratching our heads

fan pages and administrator questionsDear Scratching,

To make someone an administrator of a Facebook fan page, he/she must have an account with Facebook. While your fan page administrators do not need to do much personally on Facebook, I would highly recommend selecting administrators who are actively using Facebook on a frequent basis. You will need someone who is familiar with Facebook, comfortable with its tools, and is well informed on how to best take advantage of fan page features (and Facebook as a whole) to better your business. There is a method of creating a fan page via a business account, but features/benefits are limited. Social media is about people, relationships, and networking. Therefore, it’s important that your business is represented by someone who embraces this and takes it to new heights for your company.

Your friends at Vivid Image