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Beth Gasser

Vice President

Anyone who has worked with me knows I am all about producing results and getting things done very quickly. I love being a copywriter and a source of social media inspiration for our team and clients. After 20 years, I’m still very enthusiastic about our company purpose “to experience the joy of making small daily differences in our clients’ lives that lead to a brighter future.”

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Karlie Awarded Young Leader of the Year 2016

Congratulations to Karlie Mosher! Karlie is a graphic designer at Vivid Image. She is a leader inside and outside of work. After completing the Hutchinson

Vivid Image Welcomes Melissa Goldstein

Melissa Goldstein joined our team in early January as our Office Manager. Melissa is a wonderful addition to our office and brings with her four years of

The Marketing and Technology Trends We Think You’ll See in 2017

This is a short and sweet compilation of what our staff feels will be the trend in 2017. You can look forward to more in depth information on our website and

Take a Look at This!

There's no doubt we love what we do. It's been busy around our office, and our favorite part of every project is to celebrate with our clients when their new websites

Outstanding Results from Unlikely Places

Every business owner has a limited amount of time to devote to required tasks related to operating and growing a business. It's imperative that time isn't wasted and

Random Website Audit Emails

Have you recently received an email from someone you've never heard of that caught your attention through a startling revelation about your website that you may not

Creating Synergy to Heighten Branding and Save Money

The Importance of Disclosing Vendors Starting a new website design or redesign project is exciting for everyone. The momentum is at an all time high, and everyone on

Tired of Hearing from Fans They Never See Your Facebook Fan Page Posts?

If you've heard from more than one person that they never seem to see your fan page updates in their newsfeed, your best course of action is to guide them through the

Understanding Your Generation Z Market

Teenagers today are likely either at the tail end of "Millennials" if they are an older teen or what's being referred to as Generation Z for the rest of the teen

Vivid Image: A Different Place to Work

Vivid Image is hiring two new full-time positions. In an effort to get the word out to applicants, we thought we'd approach the hiring process from a different angle.

Simple Set Up of Business PayPal Account

Many of us have personal PayPal accounts that come in handy. However, if you are looking to accept payments or donations online through your website for a business or

Your Hashtag is Only as Good as Your Privacy Settings

#TakeNote! Your clever hashtag that you've gone through the trouble of consistently using may not be going viral anytime soon if nobody outside your personal friends

A Small Business Success Story: Stamp-N-Storage

If you or someone you know is into scrapbooking, crafting, or stamping, they have likely tapped into that niche market and may have heard of Stamp-N-Storage. A

Do You Know About These Changes Facebook Made to Your Fan Page?

Facebook has rolled out a few changes we want to share with you. Facebook Change #1 The first one, you may have already noticed, is the disappearance of the "Use

Vivid Image Earns Google Partner Certification

Vivid Image is pleased to announce that we have earned our Google Partner Certification. As a Google Partner, Vivid Image has achieved a rigorous set of criteria,

Results Revealed: 2016 Predictions

2015 Prediction Results Last year our staff made some predictions for 2015 in the field of marketing, technology, and the web. You can read our 2015 predictions

Content Marketing Summary from Social Media Breakfast

This morning Christina Mikanowski, Vice-President of Maccabee presented to the Social Media Breakfast Central Minnesota on the topic of Content Marketing. For those

How I Use Google Alerts to My Advantage

Google Alerts is one of the marketing gems out there that not enough people utilize, and the best part about it is that it's free. Simple to set-up and use, Google

The 20% Rule for Facebook Ads

If you are considering a Facebook Ad or even a paid Facebook Boosted Post for your fan page, you must adhere to Facebook's advertising guidelines.  One of their main

Come Visit Our New Willmar Office

Friday, February 19th Vivid Image has the honor of hosting the Willmar Lakes Area Chamber Connection. The event begins at 7:30 am at our newest location, 311 4th

2016 Vivid Image Classes Accepting Registrations

We have recently published our list of classes, dates, and descriptions for 2016, and all classes are now open for registration. Class size is limited, so be sure to

Vivid Image: 2015 Year in Review

This past year was a year of growth, exciting changes, and milestones for Vivid Image! 20th Anniversary In 2015, Vivid Image celebrated 20 years in business.

4 Reasons I Don’t Buy from You

Why in the heck would people not want to buy from you? As it turns out, there are plenty of reasons, and it only takes one to turn someone away from a sale. If you're

Vivid Image Opens Office in Willmar, MN

On our 20th year in business, Vivid Image is excited to announce the opening of our new office in Willmar, MN as of January 1, 2016. The office will be located at 311

Planning for a Website Redesign

Whether your tossing around the idea or firmly made up your mind, there are some things you need to consider prior to initiating a website redesign project. We call

Can You Help?

It’s important to us that we give back to our community in meaningful ways. We’ve found that when we take big needs and break them down into small, simple ways people

Watch Out World. Periscope Is Here!

Have you heard of Periscope yet? If not, you probably will. It's a new social media platform that is gaining speed. It is fascinating, appealing, practical, and

What Do I Do With Old Blog Posts?

If you are wondering what you should be doing with old blog posts, you are not alone. This is a frequently asked question, and one that deserves careful direction.

Keep the Content Curation Process Going. It’s Important.

Once you have established there are no fundamental barriers within your organization or among your staff to prevent the content curation process from proceeding,

Wait! What? I Can’t Believe He Said That…

Did you know that 88% of people online will take the time to read reviews and 85% of them read up to 10 reviews, according to Search Engine Land. These statistics are

Using Instagram for Business

Instagram has grown in popularity since its inception, and it has some very unique social media aspects. The most interesting thing about Instagram is that it has

Obliterating Obstacles to Content Curation Process

There are a few common problems people encounter when curating content for a website, blog, or newsletter. If you already know some type of struggle exists, it's

Embracing the Arts: RiverSong Music Festival

Vivid Image embraces the arts, volunteerism, and community growth. Each summer we're given an opportunity to sponsor and assist with one of our community's largest

6 Signs to Alert You Your Website Needs Updating

When is the last time you REALLY looked at your website? By looking at your website I mean clicked on links, looked at sub-pages, filled out forms yourself, pulled up

Why Simplifying is Important for Your Business

One of the values we hold dear at Vivid Image is Simplicity.  We try to make everything remarkably simple for our clients, and we highly recommend taking a look at

What is Phishing?

Phishing is a deceptive act in which unsavory individuals try to obtain your personal information, such as passwords and financial information. Phishing attacks

WordCamp Minneapolis 2015

The Vivid Image crew is looking forward to attending WordCamp again this year and bringing back lots of ideas, information and inspiration for our team, clients, and

Effectively Marketing Your Hashtags

Remember the SNL skit of the Computer Guy who knows his stuff so well that he doesn’t allow any latitude for the poor lay person? Those of us in marketing are

Top 10 Things You Need to Know to Get More Traffic to Your Facebook Event

If your business or non-profit is hosting an event and you want the word to spread, Facebook Events is a great place to start. However, simply creating an event in

Handling Negative Comments

One of the most paralyzing aspects of using social media is anticipating negative comments. While negative comments are a reality of putting yourself out there

2015 Classes Announced

Vivid Image clients can take a look at all Vivid Image classes offered throughout 2015 and register for upcoming classes. Classes are exclusive to Vivid Image clients

A Brand New Year!

January Business of the Month January 2015 marks the start of a new year, and Vivid Image is proud to be the Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce's first "Business of the

Links and Republishing Articles: What You Can and Can’t Do

We commend you for asking this question, as it’s critical to pay close attention to copyrights and follow proper Internet marketing protocol. Here are the most common

Most Popular Blog Posts of 2014

Each year it's interesting to look through our Google Analytics to find out what is read the most, what is shared the most, and what blog posts continue to drive a

Twitter Quick Tips

My goal is to give bite-sized actionable items people can use to make their social media experience better. Whether you're just starting out on Twitter or have been

Pages or Posts: How Do I Choose?

With so many wonderfully simple options available to WordPress website owners, it may be confusing to know the difference between a Page or a Post. We'll provide you

How Do You Explain the Importance of Shopping Local to Someone Who Doesn’t Get It?

When you stop in to the local hardware store, liquor store, repair shop, hair salon, or jewelry store, it’s comforting to know where to find what you need. If you

Give to the Max Day 2014: Will You Give?

Give to the Max Day is BIGGEST day of the year for non-profits to fundraise and gain the most momentum and free marketing help from fans, advocates, and social media

Best Random Tips Ever

Ok, so they aren't completely random, but they are loosely related to marketing, web, and social media. However, many people may find these tips extremely helpful,

Toothbrushes: One of the Most Essential Items

One of our clients, McLeod Alliance of Victims of Domestic Violence helps so many men, women, and children each year. It is their mission to "support and promote the

Not So Fast! Sharing Isn't Always a Great Idea

Since we could walk or talk, we've been taught that sharing is a good thing. When social media entered the marketing scene, we couldn't encourage sharing enough.

What the Heck is Farmfest?

Have you heard about Farmfest? I had heard of Farmfest and followed the event on social media the last few years. Knowing that many of our clients have been a part of

Dear Fellow Business Owners: Is This You?

I found this article that I wrote many years ago, when I had a slightly different role within Vivid Image. However, as I read through it again, I thought "WOW", I

The Elusive Website Address

Is finding your website address where it needs to be, similar to pinning down Bigfoot? Elusive website addresses aren't good. You spend too much time on building,

Getting Started with an Enewsletter

Ever thought about starting a newsletter for your business or organization, but didn’t quite know where to start? Maybe you have a costly “paper” version that you’d

Do You Have Good Online Etiquette?

Online, email, and social media etiquette was a recent topic at the Social Media Breakfast Central Minnesota, and as it turns out, people are passionate about online

Online Classes Offered to Clients

When we rolled out our "Safe and Sound" plan that helps our clients get the most from their website, online assets, technology, and their caring VI team, we had a

Customer Submitted Photos

If you would like to have customers submit photos to you, it has never been easier. Photos of customers, your products, services, and stories are an invaluable asset

How to Write an "About Us" Page That Doesn't Stink

Your business has a culture. You may or may not be aware of what it is, but it definitely exists. Taking a careful look at your "company culture" will help define the

Stay Away from Twitter if…

A few years ago I wrote a "tongue in cheek" article about Twitter, expounding on reasons not to use Twitter. Essentially I took all the reasons I love Twitter and

Vivid Image Welcomes Two to the Team

  Shannon Streich, Graphic Designer:  "Being a Hutchinson native, I have been fortunate enough to be able to return to Hutchinson and raise my family in this

What Will Get the 'Ole Heart Pumping and Foot Twitching in 2014?

Each New Year promises exciting changes, new technologies, and significant shifts in trends. 2014 is shaping up to be a sensational year for those who are tired of

Fairy Dust for Writers

What do you do when you're told you need to write content for your company's blog or newsletter, and writing is definitely not something you anticipated doing, much

Remember How It Used to Be?

Remember how holiday shopping and preparations used to be? While I lacked for nothing growing up, and there were always presents under the tree, I have no

Is 2014 the Year You Embrace Video?

Make plans to attend the next Social Media Breakfast Central Minnesota on Thursday, November 21, 2013 for what promises to be a high energy interactive breakfast

Give to the Max Day is an Exciting 24 Hours for Our Clients

Give to the Max Day is this Thursday, November 14, 2013.  You're already seeing ads on television and social media channels as #GTMD13 ramps up for a record breaking

Plan to Make a Ruckus in 2014

Is 2014 the year of growth for your company? Is next year when you plan to focus more on getting results from your website? It's time to take action so you are

Please Don't Endorse Me for That

If you spend any time on LinkedIn, you're used to the constant barrage of messages asking if you want to endorse your associates for a variety of skills. These

Facebook Contest Rules Change Again

Writing about Facebook's recent changes in contests is an interesting topic, given that I've seen multiple violations daily since the beginning of time. Ok, well, at

Is Social Media Right for Your Business?

The question of whether or not your business should be on social media is best answered by a series of questions your business or organization should discuss. Before

Has Twitter Lost Its Cool?

Twitter was the "it" thing for a while, and it seems many people jumped on the band wagon. Maybe you were one of those people? If your Twitter presence has

Marketing Efforts Bring Music Legend, Talent, and Tons of People to Hutchinson, MN

I grew up listening to my parents music, and while our tastes have diverged a bit over the years, I still have a deep appreciation for "Crosby, Stills and Nash",

Social Media Day is June 30

Since someone went through all the trouble of designating June 30th as the official Social Media Day, we thought we'd take the opportunity to highlight some of the

NEW! Facebook Adds Some Much Appreciated Features

Facebook is rolling out some new features, and I have to admit that they're all good and aimed at helping businesses use Facebook better. Facebook Now Allowing Fans

Website Updates You Simply Can't Forget

These last few months have been a whirlwind of new technology, trends, and online changes. Many businesses and organizations we work with have set some aggressive

All Kinds of New Features on Facebook, Again!

You've likely noticed all kinds of little (and big) changes on Facebook again recently, and there's even more to come! Here's a quick summary of some of the recent

Photo of the Week: Happy Easter

All my peeps tweet!

New WordPress 3.5 Image Uploader Interface

If you have a WordPress site, you’re likely familiar with the beauty of this technology and its ever changing features, enhancements, and security. One of the biggest

Pic of the Day: Lamb or Lion?

This photo was taken by Vivid Image Designer, Karlie Mosher on a recent trip to Minnehaha Falls. Spring is supposedly coming in like a lamb, but there's still plenty

Keywords That Are Too General

Keywords are important to understand, as you focus your website and blog content to increase traffic. And while it's understandable that you need more traffic to your

Google, Keywords, and Your Opinion

The talk of "keywords" has been in the web design and online marketing vocabulary for years. Of all the tasks pertaining to SEO (the art of optimizing a website to

WordPress Blog Posts Not Auto-Feeding to Facebook

If you've used an app such as NetworkedBlogs or RSS Graffiti to automatically post new blog articles to your Facebook fan page timeline each time one goes live, then

Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts from 2012

These articles garnered the most traffic, shares, reads, and/or comments making them our most popular blog posts from 2012. We thought they were worth sharing again

Grab Bag: Photos for Your Blog That Leave Nothing to Chance

There’s no question that photos are a popular component in marketing. Photos engage people, generate interest and get shared. That’s why it’s critical to add a photo

Mystery Meat: You May Be Surprised What You Find

The idea of mystery meat isn't appealing. It’s actually quite appalling, unless of course you love cheap hot dogs.  Most of us would avoid anything called mystery

Give to the Max Day is Today!

Each year Give to the Max Day grows in participation, donations, and awareness thanks in part to social media. Give to the Max Day is 24 hours dedicated to helping

Administering a Fan Page Without Using Facebook Personally

Dear Vivid Image, Our business would like to build a fan page on Facebook, but some of our employees whom we'd want to manage the fan page are not on Facebook. Our

3 Benefits of Finding Good Guest Bloggers

Using guest bloggers isn’t right for every business. Even if guest blogging is a good fit for your business, not every guest blogger is a good match. However, for

Social Media Breakfast: Free, Monthly Marketing Resource

What if there was a free resource to help you market your business or organization offered on a regular basis, but close enough you didn't have to drive? That's why

Find Out How Much of Your Target Audience is Using Mobile

Dear Vivid Image, There is so much in the news lately about mobile devices. It is important for our business to know how many of our website visitors are accessing

Fixing a Google+ Automatic Local Listing Error

Dear Vivid Image, The other day I did a search for our company on Google and found something disturbing. Google, or Google+ I should say, had our information

Top 10 BIG Facebook Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

10. Long Updates: If you are writing updates the equivalent of an epic movie script, stop! Updates should be limited to one line when possible, no more than two. 9.

Website Metrics Made Simple

While website metrics can be extremely complex and go into depth analyzing the smallest of details, most small business website owners just want to know what their

What in the World Did Mat, Steve, and Eric Do?

On Friday, August 23, Steve, Mat and Eric  left for Chicago to attend WordCamp. This isn’t Vivid Image’s first trip to WordCamp, and it’s likely not the last. The

Conversations That Matter

All our clients have a special place in our hearts. It is through getting to know them, their businesses and goals that we form relationships that last years and

Connect with Your Fans Like Lady Gaga

We all can’t have little “monsters” following us around admiring our every move and decision, but the power of a loyal fan in indisputable. As Lady Gaga well knows,

The Secret to Google Local Changes

We’ve talked about the importance of businesses having a presence on Google Local for quite some time. When Google+ came on the scene, many people scrambled to set up

Double Check You Aren’t Missing Out

Facebook changes frequently, and as a business it can be hard to keep up. If you aren’t on Facebook everyday or you don't spend time sorting through news, you may

How to Set Up a Personal Profile on LinkedIn

If you are new to LinkedIn, then you've likely been "sold" on the reasons to join this social site. While LinkedIn is a rapidly growing social networking site with

Hiring for Passion, Fun and Creativity

When is the last time you built a fort? Maybe you need a reminder that it usually includes kids dragging out every blanket in the house, moving furniture around, and

Add Tags to Your WordPress Blog Posts

Question: What can I do to get more traffic to my WordPress website and get better search engine results? Answer: While there are many components of driving

How-To Set Up a Twitter Account

People often ask me how to get started on Twitter. The first step is setting up an account, and I'm going to explain how to set it up so you get the most out of your

Small Businesses Share Their Stories in Video Shared with Law Makers

Today’s successful use of social media brings us to Southwest Minnesota where new ideas and business creativity thrive. Kurt Thompson, a Program Officer with the

How to Get YouTube Overlays to Work

YouTube overlays are those nifty grey boxes that show up on a video like an ad, only they are created by the same person who posted the video. It can be used as an ad

Tips to Grow Your Facebook Fan Page

A  friend recently called me to discuss her fan page and said, "Our fan page is sad looking. How can I get more traffic to it and make it more of a fun

Success Story: Fitness and Social Media

With visions of people hunched over computer screens, you may be wondering how fitness and social media belong in the same headline. BLEND, a local Central

Facebook Offers New Opportunities for Small Business

You can love or hate the new Facebook Timelines for fan pages. But we'd like to highlight one very positive outcome; Facebook has forced every business and

Ready to Text Your Small Business Customers?

We've sure progressed in communication, haven't we? Texting is a long way from hieroglyphics, but if you squint, one of the pictures looks like a smart phone. You

Your Facebook Fan Page is Changing, Are You Ready?

If you have logged into your Facebook Fan Page recently, you've likely noticed this message at the top of your page: We want to help you understand the changes

Understanding WordPress: How Do I Tell If a Comment is Spam

Each quarter we offer a WordPress Refesher course for our clients, giving me an opportunity to help them maximize their use of WordPress. I get a lot of questions

Our New Office in Minneapolis is Now Open

During a recent family vacation, Steve Gasser got the opportunity to feed and play with dolphins. Upon receiving some instructions from the dolphin trainers, Steve

Vivid Image Launches a NEW Client-Inspired Website

For almost two decades, Vivid Image has met with small business owners and listened to ideas that have helped shape our company. We have gathered feedback, insight

Out of Blogging Inspiration? Here’s 56 Free Blogging Ideas

Check your "drafts" to see if you are ready to finish an article you started a while ago. Don’t forget to ask staff if they’d be interested in writing

Easy Optimizing for YouTube

There are two parts to optimizing on YouTube so that people can find your videos and YouTube Channel if they aren't following a link from somewhere. In contrast to

Why Local Listings are Important When Your Target Market Isn’t Local

You've likely heard a lot about claiming your local listings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Maybe you've been working under the excellent tutelage of

The Rules for Recycling Blog Posts

The other day a comment came through from a reader on a blog post that was written over two years ago; a reminder that what we write is indexed in search engines and

Facebook Nostalgia

The changes that will begin happening on Facebook today may leave some people nostalgic for the days of old; The old Facebook that is. However, I challenge you to

Who Is Losing Sleep Over Me?

Today's post is different; a timely story I thought I'd share with you that may prompt you to think differently about your customers. I also hope to inspire a bit

Facebook, Boldly Goes Where No Social Network Has Gone Before

Several of us at Vivid Image sat glued to a live stream video from f8 today to hear Mark Zuckerberg announce the much-anticipated changes to the world's largest

Rural Minnesota Organization Crafts the Perfect Tagline

Today's Monday morning Remark!able post features an organization from rural Minnesota that is using social media to flush out a perfect, new tagline. West Central

Facebook Business Blunders

Millions of businesses look to Facebook to help grow their customer communities, but what happens when something goes wrong? Are you prepared for how to handle

Who is Getting a Five Star Review?

Writing reviews for businesses or providing them valuable feedback is not a new concept. We've seen "suggestion" boxes on the counters of our favorite establishments

Social Humor That Goes Viral

What is it that makes something go viral? We spend lots of time trying to figure out how, when, and what to post about that will engage our customers. If they pass

SEO Straight From the Horse’s Mouth

Is search engine optimization still important? SEO, as it is commonly referred to, is still a critical component to those who rely heavily on search engines for

What We Can Learn From Kids

Kids are so passionate about things, aren't they? Ever have a kid start over with a story a dozen times because she's so excited she can't get out the words? Then

Social Videos You Want to Pass Along

By now you've probably heard that video is playing a Remark!able role in social marketing, and you've maybe even been advised to explore ways in which your business

Learning to Lead in Olivia, MN

Are you a leader? Reach your full potential as a leader in new ways. If you're looking for ways to succeed online, learn more about social media for small business in

Is Customer Service More Remarkable in the Rural Midwest?

I recently took a brief vacation to Las Vegas, quite arguably one of the most decadent places in the world. Everything on the strip has a high price tag, and every

What Are You Doing Next Tuesday?

We're hosting a "Meet and Greet" for our current artists next Tuesday, May 24, 2011 from 5pm to 7pm, and we're inviting all our clients, friends, and social media

Where Do You Go For a Great Hot Dog?

If you want a great hot dog, you go to Facebook or Twitter, of course! I want to share something Remark!able with you today, and it's a little business called "Red's

Youth Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists

How much can one kid do? We all know how hard it is to start a successful business or raise money for our favorite non-profit organization, yet each day kids find

A Wealth of Marketing Ideas Unlocked by Facebook

If you are looking for ways to stand out on Facebook, there's a new service that went live recently. It's called Facebook Studio, and as submissions pour in, it will

The More Creative, The Better

Today's Remark!able blog post is directed at some of the smaller, social media initiatives I've seen businesses using lately. We often talk about social media plans

Using Hashtags on Twitter to Aid Your Marketing Efforts

If you are on Twitter, but have had trouble figuring out how you can use Twitter to better market your business, there are ample ideas for taking advantage of all

Getting Better Results from Facebook

If you have a business fan page or are considering building a fan base on Facebook, there are some wonderful tools for getting great results from Facebook. The crew

Customer Mugshots

Who are your customers? Most Mondays I write about Remark!able use of social media by a business or non-profit. Today is going to be a bit different. I'm going to

A Grocery Bag Full of Tasty Blog Posts

It's simple, it's cheerful, and it's creative. I'm talking about the Coborn's blog, and it's my choice for today's example of Remark!able use of social media. Does

All Aboard the WordPress Train April 14th

If your website is a WordPress site, you'll want to be able to ask questions and get support from those who love and use WordPress everyday. I use WordPress all the

20 Tips to Building Your Own Facebook Business Page

We believe in taking small steps, and building a Facebook Page is a great step. On March 10, 2011, all new and existing Facebook Fan Pages will automatically

Thinking Outside the Dishwasher

If you are looking for some ideas on how to use social media to grow your business and connect with new potential customers, today's Remark!able post is sure to spark

Social Media: A Growing Habitat for Humanitarians

How many causes do you follow or support through social media? While I've been aware of Habitat for Humanity for years and the great work they do, I've never been

Reach Out to Your Target Market Like Altimate Medical

I've witnessed something Remark!able over the last ten years or so of working with Altimate Medical. As technology and marketing trends shift, the staff at Altimate

Take Advantage of the New Facebook Features for Business

Facebook is at it again! This time the changes Facebook has made to Fan Pages seem to be a step in the right direction for business owners. Never in the history of

A School District on Facebook? Unheard of, Right?

It's easy to talk about the benefits of social media and the implications for small businesses, but consider what it means for a school district. What do you imagine

Social Media’s Role in Raising $10 Million in One Day

In early November 2010, I remember seeing a YouTube video someone posted on Facebook talking about Minnesota's Give to the Max Day coming up. I remember watching the

A Social Media Story from the Farm

It's easy to get caught in a mind set that small business often takes the shape of manufacturing, retail, professional services and the like, but so is farming and

You’ve Got To See This

A Daycare to Office Space A few years ago we renovated a daycare building into modern office space and had a vision to incorporate art into the project. We didn't

How Does a Whole City Get Google’s Attention?

When Google announced its plan to select at least one city in its "Fiber" initiative, city leaders across the country began to dream big and wheels started turning.

Confessions of a Social Media Community Manager

I love my work and what I get to do on behalf of other small businesses and organizations. My official title is a Social Media Manager, also called a Social Media

Be Remark!able in Spirit

I come across Remark!able examples of social media use all the time that cause me to pause and take notice. I tend to make a mental note, and as time goes on, I

Beware of the Peacock

With social media getting so much attention, it's easy to get distracted by the pretty peacock who demands your attention. Opposite of the elephant in the room whom

Facebook Changes Again

This past week has introduced some new changes on Facebook, and along with it a few frustrations. I’ve spent some time reviewing the changes and visiting with other

A Local, Small Business Favorite

I want to tell you about one of my favorite local businesses growing up. Maybe you’ve been there too? When I was young, I played softball every summer. After

What’s In A Link?

Links are everywhere; in our emails, on Facebook, in articles we read online. I would venture to guess that we don’t think much about clicking on links. However,

Denying Access to Applications on Facebook

If you use Facebook for personal and/or business reasons, you’ve probably been asked to grant “access” to your Facebook account by various entities. The Story of a

Twitter Makes Some Great Improvements

Twitter announced two key enhancements to their social media tool. Here's our attempt to condense and explain them to you in terms you can easily understand. If you

How WordPress Keeps Our Writing In Check

Frustrated with the limitations of fonts, colors, sizes and other customizations you’d like to use within WordPress? These limitations are due to something called

Three Photos You Really, Really Want to Have

Take a guess at the answer to the following questions. We promise you won't be graded. What is the MOST clicked on tweets on Twitter? Where does your eye go

Pull Facebook Out of Your Toolkit As Needed

Three times this past week I have had people come up to me or send me an email asking the exact same question. I'm trying to convince my boss/volunteers/co-workers

Each Time I Teach, I Learn

It’s no secret that I have a passion for rural Minnesota and helping small businesses. That is why I love traveling around Minnesota, teaching others how to grow

How Do I Get a Little Picture by My Comment?

The "little picture" you are referring to is called a gravatar. Like the one next to the comment on this blog post (scroll down), a gravatar is a globally recognized

Wordless Wednesday: Philanthropy One Glass at a Time

The kids of Vivid Image staff had their first lemonade stand of the summer at a recent business expo in Hutchinson, MN. They raised $25 for our local food shelf,

Wordless Wednesday: iPad

Your thoughts or insights? Please share. Stay tuned for ours.

A Sneak Peak at New Email Marketing Features

Vivid Image and Constant Contact have been teaming up for years to help hundreds of small businesses and organizations harness the power of email marketing

Fun with Marketing and the Minnesota Lynx

The Vivid Image team is proud to be working to help promote the Minnesota Lynx sponsored event coming to our town of Hutchinson on May 7th, aimed at celebrating the

Time for Spring Cleaning

Today's WordlessWednesday post is a reminder that even websites and blogs need a weeding of old information, a cleaning away of debris, and fresh new content. Have

Lighting A Fire with Ideas

This is our first Wordless Wednesday post from Vivid Image. Therefore, I hope you'll forgive me for giving a little explanation into what Wordless Wednesday is, why

Why Your Small Business Needs a Facebook Fan Page

Did you know that Facebook gets as much traffic as Google, and some days even more? At Vivid Image we are dedicated to spending hundreds of hours teaching small

5 Creative Ways to Use Flickr for Business

Flickr may be in cahoots with Yahoo, but a well built Flickr site optimized for search engines and used creatively for marketing will do your business good in Google

Common Facebook Frustrations

I want small businesses to be able to make the most out of Facebook, which means I am always pushing the limits of what Facebook can do. Somewhere along the way, I

Frustration with Facebook Fan Page Invites

Frustrated lately? If it has to do with your fan page invites, you are not alone! Facebook is growing and changing at unprecedented speed. I'm not talking about

The Repetitive Social Media Question

"It seems so repetitive, doesn't it?" It's a common question I receive when working with people who are new to the social media scene. So common, in fact, I decided

The Three Pitfalls of Business on Facebook

Setting up a fan page on Facebook is a great way to reach people who are passionate about what your business or organization does. However, the choices you make when

5 Tips to Writing Regular Blog Posts

One of the most common concerns small businesses have about starting a blog for their business is the task of writing regular blog posts. Where will the ideas come

A Quick Chat About: The Time Honored Tradition of Promo Gadgets and Do-dads

With budgets tight, expenses such as promotional items are bound to be reviewed. To some this would be a tough area to cut, as giving out promotional pens, hats, and

Dang That Was Great! – Referral Marketing

No one has a problem coming out of a movie or a restaurant and gleefully exclaiming to others about the great quality of the product or experience. Each time we spoil

Haiti: A People in Need

I recently returned from a nine day trip to Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. To spend time in Haiti is like traveling back in time 200 years.

In the News: Steve Gasser Wins Business Person of the Year

At the 60th Annual Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce Banquet on January 31st, Steve Gasser was honored with the 2007 Business Person of the Year Award. Nominated by

Community Connection: Rotary Exchange Program

In just a few short weeks our family will say "good bye" to the first foreign exchange student we have welcomed into our family. Our story is one of "firsts", as